Price List


Cut and Style

Staring at
Consultation N/C
Complete makeover: hair, makeup and style (varies)
Cut and blow-dry by Fanny $86
Cut and set for women $55
Cut and set for men $30
Blow-dry $30
Trial-run bridal hairstyle $47
Bridal, stage or gala hairstyle $45 to $90
Special creation by Fanny $85 to $250
Extensions $299 to $1199
Cuts for children (5 to12 years old)- Girl

– Boy



Children under 5 years old (with an adult receiving hair services) N/C

Hair treatments

Staring at
Therapeutic scalp massage with essential oils $59
Scalp exfoliation $53
Dandruff, dry or oily scalp $60
Psoriasis, eczema, dry scalp and damaged hair $39 to $59
Hair loss $53
Keratin treatment smoothing and repair 0% formaldehyde $350 to $1100
FOW magic shampoo & conditioner (2 in 1) $18
FOW sculpting magic Glaze $22



Staring at
Basic facial (1h15) $75
Mini facial (Beauty Flash) (30 min) $55
Facial with a nourishing vial (1h30) $90
Biological micro peeling facial + nourishing vial (1h30) $120
Facial for acne-prone skin (1h30) $100
Sea C spa facial (1h30) $125
Collagen facial (2h) $155
Botinol facial (2h) $160
Hydrolifting or Ultraderm facial (1h30 to 2h) $115
Algomask facial (1h30) $95
Fruit acid exfoliating and revitalizing facial (1h30) $120
Anti-stress facial + essential oils combined (1h15 to 1h30) with a therapeutic hands-feet massage or exfoliation $150
Oxygen + glycolic acid facial treatment (from 30min) $ 87
Micro peeling, AHA $30
Eye contour treatment Algomask (30 min) $55
Contour treatment collagen (45-60 min) $77


Staring at
Day or evening makeup (45min to 1h) $54 to $120
Makeup by Fanny (1h) $68 to $150
Bridal makeup (1h) $60 to $150
Stage makeup (1h) $ 76 to $150
Private makeup lesson (1h30) $76 to $150
Mini facial before makeup with Vial (30min) $55
Additional nourishing vial $15
Eye lashes extensions (2h) $200
False eyelashes (20min) $38
Eyelash tinting (30min) $35
Brow tinting (3min) $20


Staring at
One ear $25 to $30
Both ears $40 to $55

Manicure and Pedicure

Staring at
Nail polish (15min) $15 to $18
Basic manicure (30min to 45 min) $25
French manicure (45min to lh) $30
Manicure and buffing (1h) $35
Manicure and moisturizing treatment for cuticles (1h) $35
Spa manicure: aromatherapy with sea salt exfoliation $49
Hands intensive treatment: manicure, exfoliation and paraffin* (1h15) $52
Paraffin treatment* $30
Pedicure (1h) $49
French pedicure (1h15) $57
Beauty feet (30min to 45min) $38
Spa Pedicure: aroma-therapeutic with sea salt exfoliation (1h15) $72
Feet intensive treatment: pedicure, exfoliation and paraffin* (1h30) $75
Full set of organic gel nails (1h30) $80 to $100
Removal of gel nails and manicure (1h30) $53
Full hand nail maintenance (refill) $46
Single nail replacement (15min) $10
Single refill nail (10min) $8
Manicure with shellac (or French) $50 to $60
Shellac nail repair (single) $10

Hair removal

Staring at
Eyebrow maintenance, tweezing or waxing $18
Eyebrow shaping, tweezing or waxing $25
Upper lip $15
Chin or side of face $19
Nape of the neck or stomach $19
Under arms $20
Bikini $25
Full bikini (Brazilian) $33 to $44
Forearms $25
Full arms $30
Ear or nose $19
Lower leg $28
Upper leg $32
Upper leg and bikini $42
Full leg and bikini $49
Back (for men) $49
Chest (for men) $39
Computer-assisted electrolysis (5 minutes) ($1 per extra minute) $10
Personal needle $5



Staring at
Improved Swedish technique (1h) $75
European technique combining different massages (1h) $75
Therapeutic massage combining manual techniques and vibro-massage (1h)
Therapeutic massage for athletes (1h) $80
Shiatsu (1h) $80
Sea salt exfoliating massage (1h) $95
Lymphoenergetic drainage with essential aromatherapy oils $90
Invigorating massage with pink perfume candlelight (1h30) $150
Four-hand massage (30min) $150
Partial massage: neck, back or other (30min) $59
Reflexology (30min) $55
A vibro-percussion massage with any of the above (10min) $48
Essential oils (Unit) $15

* Personalized programs: 6 massages including 1 complimentary session or 12 massages including 2 complimentary sessions. Must be paid in advance.


Staring at
Self-tanning cream and gentle exfoliating application for a natural glow (15 to 45 mn) $60 to $98



Staring at
Full body exfoliation with moisturizing cream (45mn) $80
Dead sea salt body exfoliation (45min) $90
Special back acne treatment (1h30) $80
Treatment to alleviate swollen legs and circulation problems (1h) $80
Sea algae wrap with essential oils (1h) $115
Dead sea mud wrap (1h) $120
Body wrap with hydrating cream, applied with your choice of natural ingredients (1h30 à 2h) $160
Complete body facial (1h30 à 2h) $190


Full Beauty Day
Duration: 7 to 8hrs (available as express formula)
Half-Beauty Day
Duration: 4 to 5h (available as express service)
Power up Package for men
Duration: 4 to 5h (available as express program)
Bridal Beauty Package
Duration: 4 to 5h (Prices varies – sur mesure)